Your Hair Care Regimen (starter)


A hair care regimen does not have to be complicated. For those who are just starting out on a healthy hair care regimen. A simple starting regimen is best.

Here is a basic starting regimen :

1. Wash - Shampoo with a moisturizing poo for dry, fine, thin, or damaged hair.

2, Condition - Alternate between a moisturizing conditioner and a protein conditioner. Or a conditioner that is balanced with moisture and protein.

3.Style - After washing and conditioning. Use products to moisturize and seal in moisture. Ex : leave-in then oil to seal. Style after all products are in your hair. Proceed to styling. Ex: twists, braids, flat ironed, etc.

That's It!! If you start simply. You will get to know your hair. The only way to learn about your hair is though trial and error. Finding techniques for healthy hair care and products.

Good luck ladies on your hair care journey!!

Any questions?

These products are perfect for beginners and hair experts :)


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