Gorgeous Growth Oil

Gorgeous Growth Oil

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Each Use to freshen hair, moisturize hair and nourish dry scalp without being greasy. It does not contain any mineral oil, made from fresh fixed oils. A rich blend of natural fixed oils and essential oils that help nourish hair back to health and stimulate growth. It has an awesome yummy fragrance  The hair oil stimulates circulation in the scalp, which brings oxygen to the follicles, assists in unclogging the pores. Assists in growing and thickening. It also softens the hair and gives it a healthy shine. If you are looking for fast hair growth. 


 How to use : apply all over scalp daily for best results (if you don't want to use daily, apply at least twice weekly). Massage gently in a circular motion. make sure all scalp is covered. Washing or co-washing twice a week is recommended. A clean scalp yields better results. Another excellent way to use is overnight then washing out/co-washing out in the morning. 

Make sure to cover head with a silk scarf and a towel on your pillowcase  for protection of your pillowcase should any oil seep out.

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